Central European Music Square or CEMS was born to counter a fragmented regional scene, create consensus and common action in the Visegrad countries, and launch a successful regional brand.

So far:

The first strategic meeting of CEMS was held in Bratislava in early 2015, its public launch at BabelMed Europe, Marseille. At WOMEX 15 in Budapest a regional showcase stage achieved a breakthrough with 11 bands from the region. Ostrava Crossroads and Budapest Ritmo festivals continued in 2016 to represent the music and artists of the region at showcase stages. By now the initiative based on cooperation and a regional brand far outgrew initial expectations: CEMS is recognized and cooperation is thriving.
@WOMEX: Since 2015 CEMS has a common stand at WOMEX. The Danube stage in 2015 presented performers from Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Hungary, where 3000 global professionals attending could meet the region’s music. The 2016 WOMEX in Santiago de Compostela further promoted the regional brand with a common stand, paving the way for growing opportunities at next year’s World Music Expo held in Katowice.