From stages to cities

Building cultural strategies from beginning to end; from grant applications to cultural development programs implementation, and everything in between.

European Capitals of Culture tenders, festival concepts, implementation – we strive for using our accumulated knowledge of music for community goals and for positive social change. This is because music is not only entertaining but also a powerful tool of community development, education, inclusion and social cohesion. Maybe it sounds a bit sci-fi, but it’s a proven fact – music does make our lives better. Applied musicology is working with sociological, urban, technological, educational, psychological disciplines for a brighter future. Our company has a humbler horizon than this, but with this practical approach, we are developing music strategies for cities, helping the development of festivals, education projects, concert series and media products. What’s better, thank mixing the beauty of music with some actually useful stuff?

Hangveto’s Strategic Consulting team helps implement and expand cultural programmes for cities in the region through the European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) initiative, UNESCO Creative Cities or just cities with a desire to do it better. The goal is to use “creativity as a tool for sustainable urban development” as described by UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.

We know the ins and outs, ups and downs of grant application processes very well, having years of experience writing grants and applying for many types of funding. The team also has experience in coordinating projects, from the stage of ideas stage to the actual stages, and can take on any part, or the whole, creative strategic process for implementing your city’s cultural programmes.

Our services

developing music concepts and strategies for cities and local governments
consultation for European Capitals of Culture candidates and title-holders
participation in application and the implementation of ECOC programmes
elaboration of festival concepts, preparation of convertibility studies
complex cultural counselling – tailoring to local opportunities
creating urban marketing analyses and feasibility studies
creating frameworks where culture can become the engine of the economy, tourism or city branding
developing non-profit educational projects – see the education page for more information

Partner cities

Veszprém 2023, Unesco Cities of Music
          – Bicske
          – NoviSad 2021
          – Timisoara 2021
          – Magdeburg 2025
          – Tartu 2024
          – More collaborations in progress…