Cultivating world music

Hangveto creates training courses and workshops for world music industry professionals covering a variety of subjects from ethnomusicology and cultural heritage to music management and business policies.

We are proud to offer training and mentoring to up-and-coming musicians of the region within the framework of the MOST project. With many successful training and mentoring programmes already behind us, our Training Programmes team looks forward to continuing cooperation with the likes of CEU’s Summer University Program, Music Moves Europe (World Pitch) and WOMEX workshops. Creating new opportunities to engage with and learn from professionals in the world music industry is at the heart of Hangveto’s Training Programme.

CEU Summer University

After a successful summer workshop last year, the Hangveto team partnered up with CEU once again for the Summer 2020 course – Music as Heritage: from Tradition to Product. This year the course was held online with an innovative curriculum focusing on sustainable music heritage management, policies, and digital field research. We also took a glance at the intangible heritage of the Western Balkan region and its ties to Central and Eastern Europe.

To quote one of the many satisfied participants:

“What is special about this program is that a diverse group of experts (musicians, anthropologists, historians and ethnomusicologists (a.k.a. mad music scientists) come together with a similarly diverse group of participants (musicians, world music industry professionals, students of music from around the world and something very unique is created.”

World Pitch

WORLD PITCH is a one-year training programme for young world music professionals under Music Moves Europe in 2019-2020. What we offer is a unique one-semester long training course for 10 young professionals already active in the field of world music.

The training offers profound insight into all relevant aspects of the world music scene (management, agency work, programming, organisation, PR, journalism, academic work, policies) with personal one-on-one trainings by Europe’s most recognised professionals. As part of the programme, 5 candidates are offered paid fellowships at market-leading organisations in the world music scene from different areas. More details on Forum for Folk Arts, our educational NGO.

WOMEX Workshops

Hangveto has been organising WOMEX workshops ever since 2015. Be it at the WOMEX fair itself, or in the preparation phase where we educate musicians and world music professionals on ‘How to Womex?’, Hangveto is constantly creating opportunities for networking, learning from experts and sharing knowledge. People always leave feeling like they’ve become a part of something special – and we cannot ask for more.

Future Songwriting

Future Songwriting is a unique European cooperative project developing future tools and methodology for music education in schools with a focus on creativity and technology. The two-year project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme.