Photo by Dóra Kiss

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Summit meeting of Hungary’s two leading cimbalom maestros exploring uncharted waters of hammered strings

Cimbalomduo is a summit meeting of two master cimbalom players who, over the past few decades in their separate careers, have done more to raise the global profile of this emblematic Hungarian instrument than anyone else. Kálmán Balogh has enjoyed a multi­faceted career, collaborating with many well­known Hungarian bands, touring the world as leader of his own ensemble and as a soloist. Miklós Lukács has made a reputation as a virtuoso in the worlds of contemporary classical music, performing with leading European orchestras, as well as in the jazz sphere, collaborating with luminaries such as Archie Shepp and Charles Lloyd. He is also an award­winning composer and leader of his own quintet. Together they take their cross­genre experiences and shared knowledge of Hungarian traditional music to a new level of virtuosity.