Zoufris Maracas



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Silly song inadvertently spawns successful career for exuberantly languid manouche, cumbia and rumba combo

After years of not trying, Zoufris Maracas are beginning to break through. If that sounds like a non sequitur, you haven’t seen them at work, or rather, not at work. At least, in their search for authenticity they claim to avoid rehearsals, shun presentation, staging and any form of deliberate personality creation. You may wonder how they manage to craft their languidly exuberant pastiche of manouche, morna, Mexican cumbia and African rumba sounds with wry themes considering heartbreak, hypocracy, nanotechnology and our ridiculous reality, delivered by singer Vincent Sanchez in a warmly bemused voice dripping with the influence of Brel and Brassens. Apparently it started about ten years ago when an out­of­work Greenpeace street recruiter (Sanchez) with an empty fridge wrote a silly song that made his friends laugh. The rest will someday be history.