Music Education

Hangvető has originated and has been managing international and local projects in the field of music education, testing and unrolling new approaches and methodologies. Our roots in the musical field, the proximity of heritage and innovative drive make us think outside the box, look for fruitful intersections and launch forward-thinking projects. Education is the field where our motto ‘music with a mission’ can fully unfold.


Within our Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture partnership with Veszprém, we devised a comprehensive  music education programme with a simple goal: bring the joy of music making to as many as possible. Soundplay addressed age groups from early childhood to senior music lovers, helping all to take the crucial step of engaging actively with music, or engage in company,more frequently. A series of free workshops covering a plethora of styles and instruments, a new music school, major public events mobilizing hundreds are among the achievements of Hangjáték – Soundplay. Collaborating with local experts, musicians and institutions, the project created a musical community and gotclose to 10% of its hometown Veszprém actively involved.

Music as Heritage

CEU Summer Course

Venturing into tertiary education, the Hangvető team developed a summer course within CEU university’s framework, exploring the topic of music as heritage. Repeating every year since 2019 and increasingly popular, the course provides insight into modern musicology, explores various aspects of musical heritage management with an emphasis on audience development and socially conscious business policies. We have welcomed participants from all over the world, including lecturers and trainers from King’s College London, SOAS University of London, University of California, Berkely, mdw Vienna,  and many more prestigious institutions from Europe. In July 2024, our mainfocus bemusic and storytelling; community and identity building through contemporary storytelling; as well as musical heritage in the audiovisual world.

Hangár music school

Launched within Hangvető’s partnership with ECoC Veszprém as part of the larger Soundplay project, the music school offers a range of pop genres, community jams and studio equipment not found elsewhere. Hangár has a growing number of students and teachers and a thriving community spirit, strengthened by regular all-school gigs and the schools’s own band.

Future Songwriting

Future Songwriting was a European cooperation project developing future tools and methodology for music education in schools with a focus on creativity and technology. The two-year project was co-funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme between 2018 and 2020.


Folkmusic education for the future generations

Folk_ME – Folk music education for future generations aimed to channel European cultural heritage into Hungarian and international public education with the help of innovative digital technologies between 2019 and 2021.