Hangvető has been a hub for world music in Central Eastern Europe since 2003. We organise world and folk music festivals, produce films, publish and distribute records. Hangvető builds cultural strategies and consults with cities, having worked with several ECoC title holders and candidates.

We have a great international network and create training programmes for musicians and music industry professionals. We are never bored – our Budapest office is always busy with new ideas and music, and our doors are always open.

Our Team

András Lelkes


András Sőrés

Production and Project Lead

Anna Fazekas

Production and Project Lead

Endre Liber


Sára Marton

Project Manager

Sára Venczel

Communication Lead

Szilvia Bellay

Director of Operations

Miklós Cserba

Financial Director

Zsolt Főző

Production and Project Lead

Gergő Cserba


Balázs Weyer

Programming Director

Erzsébet Levandovsky

Copyright Advisor and Project Manager

Ella Csarnó

Communication and Content Production

Anna Isola

International Consultant

Klára Nagy

Production and Project Lead