Listen to us during quarantine!

During times of lockdown, one of the most sensitive potential conflicts is ’what music to listen to’. Like in the car, when you’re off to a long holiday drive with the kids. Decades of holiday-with-kids, soundtrack curation and music psychology experience went into the two playlists, that Balazs Weyer, programming director of Hangveto, will keep refreshing on a daily basis with songs that are supposed to unify generations and tastes. Not the usual suspects though, but music that wakes you up, energizes, and helps to bear each other. There is be too every day: one for the daylight hours (Tranquilo Light), and one to chill and bond after sunset (Tranquilo Night). Cca. 80 minutes of music is added to both every day. See today’s featured artists above and on the playlist.

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