Strategic Consulting


Hangvető can help create frameworks where culture becomes the engine of the local economy, tourism and city branding. We handle the tender writing process and implement complex cultural strategies. We support our partners from the beginning till the end; from the first steps of grant application all the way to the actual execution of the development programmes.

Our services

– Development of cultural concepts and strategies
– Consultation for European Capitals of Culture candidates and title-holders
– Application for ECoC and implementation of the project year
– Festival concept, programming, organisation
– Preparation of convertibility studies
– Complex cultural counselling tailored to local opportunities and stakeholders
– Urban marketing analysis and feasibility studies
– Non-profit educational project development


– Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture,
– Veszprém City of Music – Member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network ,
– Veszprém European Youth Capital candidate
– Bicske, Hungary
– Novi Sad ECoC 2022
– Timișoara ECoC 2023
– Tartu, Estonia 2024
– Martonvásár, Hungary

Stronger communities through music

We believe music is a powerful tool of community and identity building, and a great way to trigger positive social change. Music is not only entertainment but also a powerful tool of community development, education, and an essential element of a strong society. It’s a proven fact: music makes our lives significantly better. 

We use our multiple years of experience in strategic cultural management, and take an interdisciplinary approach –which means that we, coming from the world of applied musicology, take into account the urban space, the community, tools of education and technology, and findings of psychology and sociology – all this to build a brighter future, with more colour and music in it. 

With this practical and complex approach we create music strategies for cities, help the concept development of festivals, education projects, concert series, and various media products. What could be better than mixing the beauty of music with something actually useful?

International outlook

Hangvető’s Strategic Consulting team helps to execute and expand cultural programmes for cities in the CEE region. We do this through the European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) initiative, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – or just for cities with a desire to do better. The goal is to use “creativity as a tool for sustainable urban development” as described by UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.

We know the ins and outs, ups and downs of the grant application process very well, having had years of experience writing grants, tenders, and funding applications. The Hangvető team is also experienced in project coordination, from the idea stage to execution. Our team can support any stage or even the entire creative strategic process for implementing your city’s cultural programmes.