UPBEAT, launched in 2022, is the first ever European showcase platform for world music – the first platform project coordinated by the Hungarian organization, Hangvető. The 14 current members of the UPBEAT platform can draw support for booking up-and-coming bands and international artists, or even creating new collaborations. With UPBEAT’s help, members can meet their sustainability goals, organize professional events, conferences, and more. Our mission is to foster a forward-thinking and thriving world music industry in Europe. The focus is on new talents, music in the original language, a sustainable and green music industry, and more local and regional connections between European professionals.

We achieve these goals with our members – some of the most prominent showcase festivals of the continent – such as Tallinn Music Week, WOMEX, Czech Music Crossroads, and many more, representing a total of 14 countries. UPBEAT members also pledged to create a database of emerging world music acts – so the world music industry can directly benefit from UPBEAT.