UPBEAT is the first European showcase platform for world music funded and coordinated by Hangvető and co-funded by the European Union.

We are an alliance of festivals, together creating the future of a diverse music industry right here in Europe. Sustainability, talent discovery, music in original language, and the strengthening of professional networks are all in our vision.

The UPBEAT platform is a financial and networking support system for European showcase festivals. We contribute to the events and showcases organised by our members. We have 14 members including WOMEX, Tallinn Music Week, PIN Music Conference.

We support new talent, music in original language, sustainability, and strengthening the European network of industry professionals. In our first year, more than 140 bands coming from 31 countries performed with UPBEAT’s help, and more than 150 delegates and dozens of professionals enjoyed UPBEAT support.

For Showcases – Emerging Artists

UPBEAT focuses on up-and-coming artists in the European world music industry. We make it much easier for our member festivals to book performances by new talents without having to worry about the risk. We also give a boost to the marketing of these performances, making sure that discovering new artists and being discovered is easier than ever before. The UPBEAT’s Best New Talent Award directs the limelight to Europe’s upcoming artists, the hidden pockets where heritage and new talent ferments. A public vote showcases the freshest world music bands in Europe each year.

We also launched our Pledge for those who are willing to work along our values and be our associated partners. It is a quality label of sustainability, strengthening commitment to a future proof European music industry.

For Professionals

Although music is without boundaries, business meetups aren’t. With UPBEAT, events for industry professionals and stakeholders are easier and less costly to organise. World music experts based in Europe have a lot to offer – our networks need to be tighter as we look for business solutions within arm’s reach. UPBEAT supports professional events at showcase festivals, from networking to in-depth conferences.

We created the UPBEAT Universe for delegates – a free online database: to connect, collaborate and work for our joint passion.

We create a Fair Trade Guide that leads the music sector to a more inclusive, fair and sustainable direction. Our Future Festival Award marks the green pathways of the festival scene of the future.

And what’s next?

Discover and be discovered! Join UPBEAT!
Together, we can create the music industry the future needs.